Made in India Products - products list, baby products price

What is made in India Products? What is made in china products in India? Made in India Product list, Baby Products, Price list, indian top brand list

Made in India Products - products list, baby products price

Friends in today’s article we are going to discuss very interesting topic which is “Made in India Products” as well as we will also going to discuss some other relevant topics like made in China products in India, Baby products made in India along with famous Indian Products and Brands with their benefits.

Guys, you all know that, this is the time where not only soldiers stand for our nation but every citizen of our nation contribute for the sake of their nation and helping in raising the economic condition of India. For which all of us now mostly prefer only made in India products.

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We not only prefer made in India products to stand for our nation together but we also prefer them because of their superior quality as well as a trust on them. Now let’s first understand what is the meaning of Made in India Products?

Made in India Products

Guys, as we all know that made in India refers to the goods or products which are manufactured in India. Made in India products means that label of manufacture on product will show that this product is from India origin. As a result, whether the product reaches in any corner of the world, its ‘Made in India’ label will tell that this product has been manufactured in India.

Friends hope so that now the meaning of Made in India has been cleared in your mind from above para. Now the question comes in mind that why we should prefer made in India products? So, answer is here; Choosing made in India products over imported goods or products first of all show our concern for our nation as well as it shows our unity, which is the one of the main benefits of preferring made in India products over imported goods. There are a lot of reasons and benefits of choosing made in India products which we will discuss in this article.

But first we will discuss about made in China products in India. What are those and what are their disadvantages for us personally as well as for our nation. Let us have a look.

Made in China Products in India

Friends as the name of the topic clears that we will talk or discuss about the products which are manufactured in China and we import them from China to make them available in India.

Guys do you know! China is one of the biggest manufacturing hubs for all types of goods like mostly electronics, etc. But do you know that due to the highest population in China, there is a human resource available at a very cheap rate., there in very cheap rate human workforce is available which is one of the reasons that Chinese products are available in market at very low price. Of course, Chinese products are available at very low prices, but one thing we all know is that their quality is not up to the mark nor does their products have much longer life, which is the one of the main reasons that we should not prefer made in China products in India.

Not only due to its above referred disadvantage, we should avoid Chinese products but, in this era, we should together stand for our nation and boycott Chinese products and prefer made in India products over them.

Now let’s have a look on pros and cons of made in China products in India.

Advantages of Chinese Products in India

  • First of all, the main benefit of Chinese products is that they are available at about 10 to 70% lower price than that of made in India products.
  • Now a day’s Chinese products has almost covered all types of goods and products market in India like electronic goods, textile, toys, and many more.
  • Chinese provide a large number of varieties in its products.

Disadvantages of Chinese products in India

  • Made in China products in India are affecting Indian Market specially among electronics as well as toys market in India.
  • Due to our more preference to Chinese products in India over Indian products, a number of industrial units in India are leading to shutdown their business.
  • Due to lower prices of these Chinese products in India, it has indirectly affected the Indian Economy due to revenue loss.
  • One of the main disadvantage or drawbacks of made in China products in India is their product’s quality, which have always been below our expectations.

So, these were some of price in India.

Baby Products Made in India main pros and cons of Chinese products in India. Now friends we will discuss some of baby products made in India. We will discuss about their brands as well as their qualities with their

Friends, in India many types of baby products are manufactured. Some of famous Brands who are manufacturing baby products in India are as follow:

  • Johnson & Johnson India: Most of us know that Johnson and Johnson are an American brand who is at the top in the list of brands who manufactures baby products, but some of us knows that Johnson and Johnson setups its first plant in India in 1959 at Mumbai. All the Johnson and Johnson products available in India are only manufactured in India. Johnson and Johnson have a wide range of baby products like baby shampoo, baby powder, baby oil and many more.
  • The Himalaya: The Himalaya was founded by Mohammed Manal in 1930 at Karnataka, India. Himalaya is also one among the top baby products manufacturer in India. Himalaya also have a very wide range baby products like Himalaya Herbal baby cream, Himalaya baby lotion, Himalaya care baby oil, etc.
  • Jishan Herbal: Jishan herbal is also an Indian brand setup in 2004 at Rajkot (Gujarat, India). Jishan Herbal is a baby products manufacturer and supplier in India. It manufactures baby products like baby care oil, baby care shampoo and some necessary baby medicine, etc.
  • Kriday Tradelinks: It is a famous baby product brand in India. Incorporated in 2012 at Jaipur (Rajasthan, India). It manufactures baby bottles for milk, baby blanket as well as baby pants, and many other baby products. in India. Also, its baby products are hypoallergenic in nature which helps to protect the skin of your baby from irritation, allergy, and other skin disease.
  • Me & Mom: Me and mom is also famous Indian brand incorporated in 2018 at Surat (Gujarat, India). Me and mom brand focuses on both baby as well as mother. And manufactures its products for both of them.

These were some famous Indian brands manufacturing Baby Products in India.

Now friends, next we will talk about some famous Indian products for daily uses.

Indian Products List for Daily Uses

Guys, to discuss this topic first we should know that what are daily usage products? Daily usage products are those products which come in use in our life on daily bases. Means we uses them daily like baby food, milk, butter, mineral water, soap, etc. Hope now the meaning of daily uses product has been cleared to you. Now let’s have a look on following list of Indian Products for Daily uses along with their price in India.


Indian products for Daily Uses

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LaPlant - Honey & Lemon Green Tea, 25 Tea Bags

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Himalaya Total Care Baby Pants Diapers, Large, 76 Count

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Himalaya Baby Massage Oil 200 ml

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Khadi Herbal Amla & Bhringraj Shampoo 210 ml Pack of 2

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Mamaearth Ubtan Face Wash, 100 ml

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Khadi India Assorted Flavor Handmade Soaps Fresh -8 pcs Soap 1000 gm

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Kesh King Shampoo with aloe and 21 herbs,

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Dabur Amla Hair Oil - For Strong , Long and Thick Hair - 450ml

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Little's Soft Cleansing Baby Wipes with Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E (80 wipes) pack of 3

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Beardo Ultraglow Face Lotion For Men, 100g (Pack of 2)

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GHADI DETERGENT Machine Wash (Total 12 Kg) - Pack of 12

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Santoor Aloe Fresh Soap with Aloe Vera and Lime, 125g

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Godrej No.1 Bathing Soap – Sandal & Turmeric, 150g (Pack of 9)

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Amul Pure Ghee Pouch, 1L

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Amul Milk Cake 200 gm Pack

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Britannia Good Day Butter Cookies, 53g

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MamyPoko Pants Extra Absorb Diapers Monthly Pack, Large (Pack of 96)

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Rcm Kesar Pista

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So, above table shows us about list of some daily uses’ products made in India along with their prices in India. Now next we will discuss about some of the other Indian brands.

List of Top Indian Brands

Now we will discuss about some of the famous Indian Brands. Indian Brands means those brands whose origin is from India Country. So, following is the list, let’s have a look:

  • TATA Group: Tata group is an India multinational company founded by Jamsetji Tata in 1868 at Mumbai, India. Tata groups is one of the biggest and oddest company of India. Tata groups also have now many MNCs in different-different countries.
  • Reliance Industries Limited: Reliance industries also one of the famous Indian multinational company which was founded in 1973 by Dhirubhai Ambani at Maharashtra, India.
  • Mahindra Group: Mahindra group was founded in 1945 at Maharashtra, India. It is also an Indian multinational brand. Its MNCs are all over the World. Mahindra is one of the leading brands in automobile industry.
  • Amul: Amul is an Indian dairy product company. It is founded in 1946 at Gujarat, India. Amul manufactures very wide range of dairy products like butter, curd, ghee, cheese, chocolate, and many more.
  • Indian Oil: Indian Oil Corporation Limited, founded on 30th June, 1959. It is an Indian public sector oil and gas company. Its petrol pumps are available in every corner of the country.
  • Godrej Group: Godrej group was founded in 1897, one of the oddest Indian conglomerate company. Godrej have a very wide range of products in India.

Benefits of Made in India Products

  • Shows our unity: Friends, when together we stand for the sake of our nation and boycott imported goods and choosing made in India products over Chinese products, this thing shows our unity.
  • Expand GDP: When we start to buy made in India products then, it would result in increasing revenue of Indian Economy as a result more products will be produced with increasing demand which will help in increase of GDP (Gross Domestic Products) of India.
  • Increases Job Opportunities in India: When we start buying Indian products, it will increase demand of made in India products and to fulfil that demand more production will be there in India which would result in increasing job opportunities in India. As result it would help in developing rural areas of India.
  • Better Quality Products: We all know friends that Chinese product’s life as well as their quality is not up to the mark. But if we purchase Indian products we will be in benefit in the view of product’s quality and its life.

These were some major benefits of choosing Indian products. Hope you have enjoyed todays article.


So, Guys in todays article we have discussed about Made in India Products, about made in China products in India and their disadvantages, about baby products in India and also about some of famous Indian Brands. Hope you have enjoyed todays article and get some information from above article. If you have gained anything from above given information then definitely share it to yours friends and family and also ask them to buy made in India Products.

Below are some relevant questions and their answers let’s have a look:

FAQ Related with Made in India Products

Q.1. How to Identify made in India products?

Friends, as per government rules and regulation any type of product or goods must have a label in which product’s information should be written or printed on product. It that label information like product’s brand name, date of manufacture, date of expire, price, its country from origin is mentioned. From that information we can get to know that whether the product is made in India or not.

 Q.2. What are the benefits of Made in India Products?

There are serval benefits of made in India Products, that are as follow:

  • Shows our unity
  • Expand GDP
  • Increase Job opportunity in India
  • Better Quality Products
  • Faithful Products

Q.3. Which brands involves in the list of made in India Products?

These are the top brands of the list that are given below:

  • Tata Groups
  • Reliance Industry Limited
  • Mahindra Group
  • Indian oil
  • Godrej Group